Mr. B (year old male, Language Instructor, Radio Announcer, TV Presenter, Translator and Interpreter)


Best Chiropractor in Tokyo

After many years in Tokyo I have finally found Takaharu Tanno a couple of years ago. I feel confident in describing him as the best chiropractor in town. In fact I see him as much more than just a chiropractor. Mr. Tanno has a number of skills and talents, which become apparent the moment he starts treating you. With his incredibly gentle manners and touch, Mr. Tanno is very accurate in his assessment of his patients and incredibly honest in his advice, always looking at people as a whole, instead of just treating symptoms. Mr. Tanno's treatment is long lasting and effective, and after I started seeing him I feel healthier and have a lot more energy than I before. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anybody who needs to improve their health condition, regardless of their symptoms.

Mr. G (44 year old male, American diplomat)


I highly recommend Tanno-san to anyone recovering from a sports injury
or dealing with a chronic musculoskeletal problem of any kind.  I have
been seeing him for a mix of both those conditions and have had real
improvement over the course of a year.  Frankly, I continue seeing him
even though my main injury has healed, because he is so good at
treating my other "weekend-warrior" strains and stresses.  I am
astonished at how well he is able to find the source of various
problems, even those that are not typical chiropractic spinal issues.
He also gives me very simple but effective exercises to do at home --
ones that don't take a long time but help out noticeably.  I am
confident others will have equally good experiences with Tanno-san.

Mrs. W (55 year old female, American diplomat)


I first heard about Taka's chiropractic treatment from a colleague at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo.  I have been receiving treatment from him several times a month on an ongoing basis for chronic back and neck pain (caused by scoliosis and too much computer work).  I have benefitted greatly from Taka's treatment and have been very satisfied with his methods.  Other places I've lived I have consulted physical therapists and had regular massage, and Taka's chiropractic treatment is similar or superior to those treatments.  I have found Taka's rates to be competitive and my U.S. health insurance reimburses the cost.  I appreciate his flexible office hours which include evenings and weekends so that I have not needed to take time off work.  Taka is also very pleasant and personable and speaks excellent English, as he was raised and educated in Australia.  I recommend him highly to other English-speaking ex-pats in Tokyo! 

Mr. W (57 year old male)


I originally consulted Taka because of pain in my arm and shoulder (tennis elbow).  This is a problem I have experienced before, and I have sought treatment in the U.S. and in Germany from physical therapists and chiropractors.  Taka provided me with outstanding treatment at his office, and also gave me useful exercises to perform at home.  I have continued to see him for lower back pain caused by compressed disks, something I have suffered from for many years.  I am very pleased with the results of Taka's methods.

Mr. O (32 year old male)


After having suffered with neck pain for years, and having visited several experts in neck injuries (doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors and a PhD in neck injuries), I visited Taka's Chiropractic in Tokyo during my vacation. Taka was extremely thorough in his work; he went through my entire body alignment and performed correctional treatments. He also advised short- and long-term exercises and stretches to correct and improve the imbalances in my posture. He explained to me how all the minor imbalances were connected, and how they caused a faulty movement pattern leading to my neck pain. About two weeks after following Taka's advice, I have started to have days of completely without pain. Based on my experience with his treatment, I would like to give my strongest recommendation to Taka and his clinic. If you are suffering from long-term pain and are considering a chiropractor, give Taka a visit!