Taka's chiropractic

2-16-5 La Piazza room 1006 (10th floor), Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

(please press 1006 at the intercom)


By train

Azabujuban station (exit 4) - 2~3mins walk

Azabujuban station (exit 1) - 1min walk 


When you come out of exit 4 Oslo coffee shop will be right in front of you. There are 2 streets on either side of the coffe shop, and please take the left street (there is a softbank mobile store on the same street), walk for 30 meters then turn left into the second street. You should walk passed a park on the right and please head straight until you see the restaurant 'Acid Brianza' next to 'Dumbo Donuts'. My clinic will in a dark grey coloured apartment building opposite to 'Acid Brianza'.


By car


※Please use the coin parking lot nearby my apartment complex/clinic.

The street parking lots on the main street are limited to 60 min parking at À between 9:00-19:00).